WAVE BOX : Square box in Oak. Dimensions 300mm long by 300mm wide by 150mm high.  Construction lapped dovetails.

CHIP CARVED BOX : In Oak. Dimensions 300mm long by 188mm wide by 160mm high. Constuction mitred box and lid. Handcut chip carved squares wrap around the box and across the lid panel.

CHIP CARVED BOX IN CHERRY :  A slight variation on the box in Oak. The chip carving is smaller and there are more squares which are highlighted on either side with a line of Rosewood stringing. The chip carving is the last detail applied to the box and is done with nothing more than a pencil and a sharp chisel. It takes me two days to do this stage. The box contains two Sycamore lift out trays with handcut dovetails. A client commissioned me to make a version of this box with GRACE carved  into the top panel.

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