CHUNKY DOVETAIL BOXES : One box is in Cherry and Sycamore. The other box is in American Walnut and Sycamore. Any combination of woods can be used the choice is down to customer preference. The dovetails are cut at angle of 1 in 5, by hand ( I am allowed to have some fun you know ), making the flare of the dovetails more pronounced. An especially decorative effect when two contrasting coloured woods are used. The top panel is fielded and can be striped or plain. The bottom panel is solid wood and has been initialled with my markers mark. Approximate dimensions are 260mm long by 160 to 200mm wide by 130mm high.

FINGER JOINTED BOXES : A selection of five boxes in different woods with a slight variation in their designs. Three boxes have had all four corners rounded. One box has had two corners rounded and two corners left square. And one box has had all four corners cut at 45 degrees. The top panels are fielded and chamfered and reflect the shaping of the corners. The edge of the lid again is chamfered and reflects the corner shaping. The bottoms panels are solid wood and have been initialled with my makers mark. Approximate dimensions are 280mm long by 200mm wide by 150mm high. The Elm box was purchased by a client who then commissioned an interior with two lift out trays in Sycamore.

EARRING BOX : In Cherry and Sycamore. The box opens up like a book to vertically display a collection of earrings which hang from the velvet interior. The front and back covers are Cherry mitred frames with a chip carved panel highlighted upon either side with Rosewood stringing detail. The pages are Rippled Sycamore mitred frames. The earrings are pushed into and held by the foam interiors. This box is slightly unconventional as it was made specifically to fulfil a commissioning clients brief.

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